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Emotional Landscapes

From the wild crashing waves of the North Atlantic, to the  calm crystal waters of the Caribbean, the ocean and it's shores, are the very soul of my art. The drama of crashing waves on a rocky shore. The power of the mighty seas. The glass like calm.  The sand between my toes. The memory of childhood sandcastles.  The salt on my lips.  The weightlessness of diving into the deep. My being. My heart. My love. My Art. 

"Natural Topaz Pool by Pedro St James"
This is an example of how I combine sculpture with my glass like art to create this incredible art. 
I have lost count of the number of times when it has been mistaken for drone photography - 
It is such a special piece that although the original is sold, it is available now in incredible print format.
I myself have a print in aluminium - Its beautiful.

Valiant Vera - White Cliffs of Dover in Mixed Media with Sculptured Art.

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