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Dive into the future of art with Augmented Reality

Art By Ruby Marr is a visionary ocean artist who brings the depths of the sea to life

through the magic of augmented reality (AR).

Imagine stepping into an immersive oceanic world, where the sounds of the sea surround you.

Where birds fly, dolphins play,  whales soar, and even spotted eagle rays gently swim by.


Ruby Marr, a renowned fine artist, introduces her AR enabled Ocean Collection, a stunning series of pieces that not only showcase her exceptional skill but also push the boundaries of art itself.

With the integration of Augmented Reality (AR) technology, each artwork is transformed into a immersive experience, unlocking a new dimension of depth and emotion. The digital layer seamlessly enhances the original pieces, inviting viewers to engage with the art in a way that's both captivating and thought-provoking.​

Ruby Marr's innovative fusion of art and technology allows you to experience the beauty

of the Cayman Islands like never before.

With customizable substrate options, including glass, canvas, and aluminum, her AR-enabled art pieces can be tailored to fit any space, whether it's a home or a corporate setting. Witness the fusion of art, technology, and nature, and discover a new dimension of oceanic wonder.

Unique Artistic Expression for Your Space:

Commission a bespoke art collection tailored to your home or business, capturing your personal style and essence. Experience the magic of custom art that reflects your individuality,

elevating your space and inspiring conversation.

 Ruby Marr's artistry invites you to step into a vibrant realm which will evoke a sense of serenity and awe.

Let the art of Ruby Marr carry you away on a tide of imagination and inspiration.

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