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Art by Ruby Marr

My collection of beautiful “glazed” art.

My passion,  is to create beautiful works of art on cradled wooden panels,  using mixed media and chemical techniques to present a stunning "glass" effect finish.

I hail from Bonnie Scotland,  My studio is located, by the rugged coast of Galloway. Looking out over the Solway Firth, the wild Atlantic rolls in o'er the Irish Sea, every day inspiring my work with ever changing views. 

My passion for the sea and underwater world is indulged further when I visit family in the Cayman Islands. Cayman has been my daughter's home with her husband for many years, and as a frequent visitor, I became  fascinated with the clear crystal waters and have made it my goal, to produce work, which can reflect the true beauty of these spectacular waters.  My “glass like” work, I feel, captures the beauty which the Caribbean is famous for. I want people, no matter where they may live,  to be able to enjoy the essence of the ocean, in their own homes. I want my buyers to have art which brings happiness to their soul, which makes them smile, be at peace, and to every day, discover a new square inch of their art which may not yet have been explored. 

My work is modern and contemporary. Some days I may create with fire in my heart, others I might paint calmly and organically. Above all, I work with passion and love. There is a curiosity in my work which enables the viewer to spend hour upon hour, unfolding each layer, finding translucent corners of colours and pigments, one laid on top of the other, each creating a work which is truly unique in every way. 

My forthcoming works will feature an exhibition themed “Transatlantic”. As one who sails the Atlantic from the cold wild seas of the north, to the warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean, I am currently working on a collection which will depict the transient oceans. I believe this selection of art will speak to those that either originate from the cooler climates and find a enveloped sanctuary in the warm tranquility, that is Cayman. Equally this collection may also speak to the adventurer or sailor, looking beyond Cayman and to life spent on the seas.

My love,  as my Art demonstrates, will always be the ocean. My recent certification as a Scuba diver, has opened up my world in many ways. Some abstract pieces I feature, are inspired by my wonderful experiences beneath the ocean waves.

Other works include monochrome work. I may work in single hues or colours, and will take commissions to match client’s décor and interior. At times I combine textured sculpture to my pieces - in effect creating, almost three dimensional layers. I tend to prefer working in larger pieces. My most regular sizes are 80cm x 60cm or 80cm x 1.2 m. 

Whether its the wild coast of Scotland, or the sparkling aqua of the Caribbean, my world, is my ocean.

I hope you will come barefoot along my sands, taste the salt from my waves, and dip your toes in the water.. 

Welcome, to the world of "Art by Ruby Marr".

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