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I have the Cayman Blues

For s short time this summer, Scotland became a blaze of Glory, the heatwave of which, we have never seen the like, since 1976.

Our beautiful beaches - our rugged coasts, the Morar sands, the Isle of Harris, one could almost swear was the Caribbean.

Everyone smiled. Sunshine brings happy souls. And we as Scots, lavished in this rare treat. BBQs sizzled and families cherished every moment of the summer of '18, for sure it will be one which is logged in the history books.

Sadly now.. the clouds have returned, and we are all back to our rainmacs and wellie boots. However, every cloud has a silver lining, our forest turns to autumn gold and already I am making plans for some winter sunshine vacations.

I created some art recently with more "Scottish" autumn colours. This art is now featured in the prestigious gallery "The Whitehouse Gallery" in Kirkcudbright. If you are anywhere within the vicinity from now until November 3rd, please pop by - I am thrilled to have some of my lovely pieces presented there.

Meanwhile.. I cannot help it, as always, my heart is in Cayman. I go into my studio and think "Shall I do something different?".. heart and soul just move me right back into Cayman mode.

If I cannot be there in body, at least I am there in heart and spirit.

I haven't finished this yet, (I will update you when its done) but its a beautiful piece, and as you can see, I for sure have the Cayman Blues!!

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