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Cayman calling, but meanwhile we are lost in the Bermuda Triangle & going balmy in the Bahamas!

Beautiful Bermuda. I will in future paint many more pieces of this wonderful island. We first came to Bermuda in 2002 - We took a 16 night re-positioning cruise from Boston to Miami - and Bermuda won my heart. For my transatlantic theme however, I wanted to give Bermuda a storm. I have been kind of unlucky the past few visits in that, each time I have gone since being PADI certified, my dive has been cancelled. Respect for the sea - always!

This photo was taken in April 18 when we last visited. And sure enough, my dive was cancelled. But even on a "cloudy" day - Bermuda is still paradise.. look how blue that water is next to a 160,000 tonne mammoth of the seas!

We still had a fabulous day in Bermuda, and folks, it really is a dream destination, so don't let my cheeky eye put you off - I just had to have one storm in a teacup ;)

From Bermuda we head to the Bahamas. In Bahamas, the Atlantic meets the Caribbean and there is a crossing over of waters.

Nassau has this amazing fun resort called "Atlantis". It is such an incredible place to visit! Even for a day trip, so many things to see and do in this waterworld fun resort!

Bahama is also the stop for the British Airways flight from London Heathrow to Grand Cayman. The flight touches down at Nassau, where some get off, and some stay to head on to Cayman.

We are getting closer Cayman, nearly there!

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