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As my wee Mum would say "My Cup Runneth Over"....

I never quite understood what that meant..

My wee Mum, is a lovely wee Irish lady of nearly 90 years young - and she still soldiers on.

She once sent me a beautiful letter, and she said in the letter - Ruby, all I wish for you is that "your Cup runneth over"..

I never quite understood what that meant when I was but 18 years old...

But now.. here - in my (eh hurm coughs 50s shhhhh) - I get it.. I truly do..

My cup runneth over!!

I just feel so fortunate so blessed and so happy..

I have just returned from another amazing vacation to Cayman.

I spent time with my daughter & son in law, and met folks who picked up their art. I have been wined and dined and lunched and brunched (I am brunching my way around Cayman FYI!).. and goodness me - the never ending smiles and hospitality just blow me away.

I meet with former "clients", whom I now consider to be dear friends - to have a Gin (you know who you are with the best pooches ever) with, or to lunch with (see you in October L!) - or just to catch up.. and I feel so welcome, and so truly loved.

I did not manage to get around everyone I wanted to - time just ran out on me.. And there is one special man I do need to catch up with before his festive season kicks in - yeah - you in the red suit & white beard and with a sleigh ;) xx

Its a nice feeling huh?

Then - I managed to catch up with a lovely couple who purchased Owen Island from me (the art, sadly not the actual island) .. maybe a year ago.. we never ever met - so that was just so special, to finally meet this lovely couple and my heart is so warm, at how special the island and the art is for them

I always say the Art finds the heart and it is so true.

I have had chats recently about the fad of "pour art" - no disrespect intended - but please, let me be clear, it is absolutely not what I do.

My art is huge, and will often have seven even up to ten layers of pure UV protected pigmented artists quality materials. It is a far cry from a "hobbycraft" pour.

I see a vision - and I set out to create it. I paint in layers, and see dimension, I work with blow torches and heat guns, lotions and potions - and all - in the finest artists materials in the world.

I can, and do still paint landscapes, but its not my love, the ocean is my passion and that's really what rocks my boat!

Whether its a reef I have flown over, or a beach I have walked.. I know exactly what I plan on creating before my custom built art panel is even started.

A recent large triptych I completed was a wonderful challenge for me. The beautiful home it was going into - oh my goodness - stunning, in fact, breathtaking! How could I create something as special, as the beautiful lady of the house required... I knew she wanted something unique.. I knew it had to be perfect - It weighed in at around 60LBS .. and is one huge stunning piece of work that I am so proud of!! - It wasn't all me though - it helps when I have contact with my client, when he/she is not afraid to tell me "I'd like XYZ and I don't like ABC ".. this matters, this counts. You tell me - and I will do my utmost to make it happen..

And then ..

OceanMed - oh my goodness - I cannot wait for this facility to open

I will have more news on the facility later in the year - but meantime, I was reminded recently of a subject so close to my heart. are major sponsors for the wonderful Cayman Breast Cancer Foundation. I have met with the great people here a few times, and they have their very own "Art by Ruby Marr" Gallery.

We were chatting last week -and I mentioned that I lost my dearest best friend in the world, at the age of 42 to breast cancer. I reminded myself.. sure I may have a few lbs too many (well especially 12lb of recent!) , and of course like any women , we whine about ageing.. but I said to my friends at OceanMed.. "She never got the chance to get old and wrinkly".. Growing old is a privilege, and not one all of us get....

A Wave For Aphrodite - on view at OceanMed

If only my friend had been able to access a facility such as OceanMed.. perhaps it would be a different story I would be telling today..

Reminder to self not to take life for granted, and riches come in many forms, not always in the form of a banknote...

The next day, I went out to Cobalt Coast to go diving!!


There was a bit of panic and whining and well.. bit of a tantrum really - but eventually, there I was - way down into the deep. And there...I am right in my zen, my 100% happy place - 110% calm -

The beauty and the awe just blows my mind...

And I got to swim with a loggerhead!!

And as if all of the above is not enough - two works of mine are now housed in the beautiful Ritz-Carlton Art Gallery and...there is more.. but I am sworn to secrecy for the moment ..

I don't know about my cup runneth over, I reckon its more of a builder's coffee mug!

I have worked tirelessly most of my adult life. My parents were hard working class folks, who taught us we could be anything we wanted to be, but we had to work hard.

Having spent 23 years in our specialty foods business - I have only this past two years, returned to my art full time. Its been an absolute rollercoaster! From the first piece which left my studio - to the huge masters I now create - some for twenty foot walls - I am amazed and just feel - well .. so grateful and happy.

This month saw the opening of my own small gallery - It is not fully opened as I am bringing in artists from all over the UK - But our eco friendly deli and snack shack have opened - with a small art gallery in tow. More news on that as the summer progresses.

Meanwhile, I am already looking forward to my next Cayman adventure, I must be able to squeeze in at least two brunches!! For sure I am planning to dive dive dive!!


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