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Paradise & People

Wow - what an amazing November I have had.

Laden with a trolley of art, it was on a dreich Scottish morning, that I made my way into Glasgow Airport to make my way across the world to my family and to beautiful Cayman.

Checking in my oversized baggage was way simpler than I figured - the happy chappy at Glasgow airport was so kind, and indeed - the services at Grand Cayman were equally as helpful.

From the super meet & greet services offered by Owen Roberts International Airport, to the patient customs officers who duly processed inspecting my packages and my duty fees - People are often quick to criticise airport staff - but they have a job to do, and I am truly thankful for the services they offer, and the manner in which they do so. 10/10 to Glasgow and to GCM.

The journey for me is probably a little daunting for most - I however am used to it and I "know the drill".

I fly Glasgow to London Heathrow - run terminal 5, catch the train to B gates, run B gate, and all going well - make my connection to Grand Cayman.

The Glasgow flight gets in at 8.10am - theNassau/Cayman flight flies at 9.35am - there is not a lot of room for error.

On this visit, my flight landed 12 minutes late - so the mad dash was more of a sprint

My biggest worry however - was the art.. I might make it - would my art?

Touching down in Nassau - I received a text from British Airways informing me that one of my "bags" had not made the connection.

Uh oh...

For the first time ever I prayed "Please let it be my clothes, please, let it be MY suitcase that has been delayed"..

On arrival into Grand Cayman - I was overjoyed to see all of my art parcels, safe, intact and waiting on me ..

Sure enough - delayed- one set of clothing.

I was smiling from ear to ear - I can survive a night with a couple of essential purchases -

The art had made it - whooppeeeeeeee!!

The art:

This trip was probably the highlight of my year.

Sometimes I have friends & family deliver art for me - but this journey was special.

I was delivering personally, to people who had been "chatting" with me for quite some time.

Communication is everything.

I am asking those who live +6000 miles away, to trust me, to have faith in me. The key element is that we maintain contact, I like to update with WhatsApp videos, or simple messages - keeping those informed of the creating along the way.

By the time it comes to deliver the art, I feel a unique bond with both the client and the art.

And somehow, whether the art was created for the client, or a client purchased a piece already completed - I always feel there is a magic which brings the art, and the heart - together.

This visit was so special.

Meeting my "friends" - delivering their art - seeing their faces as they open their packages - There are no words that can describe the rewarding joy I feel for such moments.

A perfect Day at West Bay - went to a beautiful family home and lovely people - right there in West Bay.

Salt Rock Dock found its home with a truly wonderful gentleman - what a joy it was to meet this kind and delightful character.

Cayman Calling Me & Cayman Blues - oh my - so special to deliver these pieces to their owners. I feel I have met not only "clients" - but life long friends!

Commissioned pieces, from the triptych to a beautiful canvas of pure Caribbean -

Extract from a commisioned "triptych" - overall size of the three pieces was 46inch x 57 inches

Each piece of Art - finds the perfect heart

I do actually get attached to my art. I often live with pieces for quite some time before I deliver them. I might on occasion, take a piece back off the wall, and do something new or in addition to it.. So, these works, truly are all special to me.

I have a tinge of sadness as I pass them on so to actually hand deliver my art personally - wow - it was amazing - happiness complete!

I had a super time in Cayman, Unfortunately due to a chest infection I couldn't dive this trip -

I swam in the ocean however and enjoyed those November swells - For sure I have come home with a heart of inspiration!

During past visits to Cayman I enjoy browsing the local art. I love to buy little local pieces from "Pure Art" and have them around me in my studio - bringing a little piece of Cayman to my home.

I love a walk through the Ritz-Carlton gallery - It has been a dream of mine to have my art worthy of a place on these beautiful walls.

I am absolutely thrilled - to say, you can now view and purchase my art directly from the Ritz-Carlton.

To walk the gallery, and see my art there WOW - it was a moment I will truly cherish! "Seafire" - oh goodness - their lighting is amazing - I have never seen "Seafire" so beautiful - if you have not already done so, please do visit - it is a blaze of glory not to be missed!

"Soon Come Cayman" is also there - a multiple layer of aquas on gold leaf representing Cayman and its ocean of coral -

How special is that huh?

I am already counting the weeks, days & hours -

Winter may be here - but my heart is in my art - and before I know it -

Paradise awaits!

Merry Christmas my friends -

as we say here

"Lang may yer lum reek".


Extract from "Seafire" available at Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

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