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Its time to Seven Mile Smile!

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I have been pretty much AWOL for a few months.

I have been happy being busy being busy being happy.

I think perhaps all the time I spend on Cayman gives me that "island time" attitude in life -

When I am in the studio I forget the time. I literally would work there 24/7 if I didn't need to sleep.

I am truly grateful for this chapter in my book of life.

When I am in the studio, music is my friend. First things I do are coffee on, music on !

I go through phases - although I can sometimes turn to classical and calm, more often than not I will ask my friend Alexa, to play me an "upbeat pop" station.

Happy is in my heart and my art .. I do love a bit of Pink, and have been known to have her on repeat for weeks on end :/

I heard it said that it was impossible to get down whilst listening to George Ezra -

Sure enough - "Listen to the Man" - he's right - and Ezra blasts me with Paradise and catchy tunes which brings me a seven mile smile for sure!

I have been working to my hearts content, and it is just so easy to "work" when you love what you do.

It is tiring though - and sore on the body physically. So much so I have taken up personal trainer classes to improve on my core strength as well as cardio. Lifting 6 feet boards around - believe me - is not light work..

But now, it is that wonderful time when we get to visit our daughter, in the land she has made her home. It is now eleven years since my "baby girl" graduated from University, with a BA Hons - and set off to spend "a year out" in Cayman.

Of course she fell in love with the land, of course she fell in love with her career, and of course she met her Prince, got married - and of course.. well .. so much for that "One year out Mum" :) she didn't come back lol!

Eleven years, and we have made it work.

We each go back and forth across the Atlantic and we manage to do things other Moms and Daughters dream about. We meet up in foreign playgrounds, we take family cruises, we ignore the 6000 miles.. and make magic!

But the one thing, in eleven years, we have never been able to do, is to be there on here birthday.

Timing has always been out.

Sooo.. for the first time - we are going to be there to celebrate her birthday in Cayman

I am super excited!! I cannot wait!

Tick Tock on the clock!


January I spent with a trip to Iceland!

Commissioned to produce some Icelandic art, my husband gifted me with a short trip to experience what I wanted to create in Art.

There are no word to describe the beauty of Iceland.

In many ways it is similar to Scotland - but it is the volcanic land of fire and ice, of black sand beaches, hot geysers, thermal pools and diamond lagoons!

So on this trip to Cayman, having taken a walk on the colder side of life -I cannot wait to deliver these two beautiful pieces -

Snippets from "January in Reynisfjara" and "Jokulsarlon". One depicts the icy cold of the black sand beach in January, and the other, the stunning blue rivers which run through the glacier...

It was an experience I will never forget.

Just a wee bit colder than my usual January destination ;)

Fragments of images (please excuse camera glare)

I am very lucky in that my studio has many work spaces, so it is not unusual for me to be working on as many as three pieces at once.

I work in many stages, adding layer upon layer, to create my special Cayman art.

"Colors of Cayman" (note I sacrificed my English spelling here as it is Cayman Art) - depicts that gorgeous bright turquoise and emeralds - with white textured sand.

It too, is packed and ready for the 777 flight!

Fragment from "Colors"

And so that happy hours lead into days lead into weeks lead into months

And now..Its Cayman time woohooooo!!!

I will leave you with some images from various works -

Every one is a beauty - follow my Facebook page for my updates when I arrive in Cayman!


"Clearly Cayman" and "Sunday on Seven Mile "

The spectacular "Oceana"

And the beautiful "Seven Mile Splash"

See you in Paradise!


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