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Its all in the name!

Having completed my transatlantic works now, I venture further into the development of my ocean art.

Every day is a learning curve for me. Working with tools, hot air, cold air, heat, fire, brushes, wire wool, sandpaper.. my hands.. I love to test my abilities to the extreme.

It doesn't always work, and some of the best work I have created has once been a disaster worthy only of the garbage pile. I never garbage. If I mess up, I put the canvas aside for another day and come back to it.

I had the utmost pleasure of visiting Sheila from Kirkcudbright, who purchased "Annie's Atlantic. Sheila has a house full of super art, so I was very honoured to see my piece take pride of place on her main feature wall in her lounge. We chatted about the art, its yellowish tones lead into a multitude of bronzed greys with aspects of gold and silver. She was shocked when I told her that the piece was actually once a "lilac disaster!". There is no trace of the sickly lilac it once was. It is beautiful piece, named after my mother, and in fact one I wasn't going to sell. But it found a wonderful home with Sheila, and I know I can go visit it any time I wish.. just perfect!

Now..names? Titling art can be a challenge. I often see "storm" or "beach" and so it goes on. I just don't feel anything as simple as that does justice to my beautiful oceans!

So far, titles for my exhibition have come to me, but moving forward I have a plan :)

My surname "Marr" - according to the Scottish ancestry reads the following:

Marr Family History. Marr Name Meaning. Scottish: habitational name from Mar in Aberdeenshire, the etymology of which is uncertain, possibly Old Norse marr, a rare word generally denoting the sea.

So, bear that in mind..

We have my surname "Marr" depicting the sea - perfect..

Taking it further..

My late Dad was my hero. In fact, I have my current status of "semi-retirement" from our smoked salmon company thanks to him! When he passed, he left a huge gaping hole in my life. We were very close. Dad left each of us a little legacy, and I decided with the money he left me, I would make changes to my life which would improve my health & well being. I didn't want to waste it. He worked far too hard over the years for this to be squandered. So, I took early semi-retirement, and created my studio. Thanks to my Dad, I have my studio, my materials, and most of all, my time and ability to employ staff to work "my regular job" whilst I get to do what I art..

My Dad came from Gibraltar. He was a handsome man, he arrived in Scotland, and my wee red haired Irish Mum fell for the 1940s answer to Enrique Iglesias! My late grand-mother was in fact Andalucian Spanish. She met my grand-father and they settled in Gibraltar. I had the honour of burying my Dad recently, in my Grand-Mothers grave, in Gibraltar.

In Gibralter everyone is bi-lingual. Many of my cousins speak fluent Spanish, and most have the beautiful brown eyes and olive skin of my father. I am the Irish/Spanish cross..the blonde blue eyed version of my Dad - but ooooooh so similar.

Anyway, in Spanish.. the word "Mar" translates to "Sea".

See the link now?

SO, in a nod to my father, and to my husband (Marr), I have decided that I will title my art in Spanish.

Almost ready and due to be wired are two new pieces,

Allow me to introduce you to

Mar de Azul y Verde


Mar Rosado Enojado

It's up to you now to discover their meaning :)

Have a colourful day!


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