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These two pieces are works I created for my own home. I wanted the "Flower of Scotland" in a modern abstract take, and a busy piece using the same colours to set against a plain deep purple wall in my home. I am showing them here to show others, examples of what I am happy to do for interior design. When I use white, I dont just use one white, I will use many shades and textures of whites - so that they layer and act 3D like. The "busy" purple piece, is one I stare at and gives me hours of pleasure finding a new fascinating square inch to study. My Jaggy Thistle, I adore. Thistles grow wild here in abundance, and their perfect beauty never fails to delight me.  If you would like a piece for your home, I suggest sending me snippets of paint/wallcovering/fabric - just small pieces will suffice, and I can create the perfect art for your home or business.

The Jaggy Thistle (and partner)

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