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Mixed Media 800mm x 600mm

Saffy? Solway? .

The Solway, is my home seas. As traditional net & coble salmon fishermen, myself and my husband have faced years of sitting in a tiny boat, shift over, in the quick sands, awaiting a roaring tide to come into the estuary, to take us back up stream to our anchorage. The Galloway Hills in the background, the huge tides remind us, we must always respect the sea.

Saffy? We are doggy people  but also animal welfare lovers. We live very rurally, to high up for small domestic pets to wander. Our "wildlife" here are badgers, deer, foxes and birds of prey. 

In the winter, I head to the Cayman Islands to spend time with our daughter, whilst my husband mans the fort here at home. I came home after thir trip, and (we have a labrador dog) my husband said "hmm, we have a cat".. I was gobsmacked "why? how?"..

Apparently, someone dumped a cat on us.. and the poor wee thing had been living rough for weeks - it was skelatal. It trusted no one. 

We started to lay food out for it, and created a warm dry shelter where it could sleep in wamrth and at peace. This continued for months.

We went on vacation, leaving a neighbour to fill the food dishes. Remember, Saffy trusts no one except us.

We came home  - and were heartbroken to find Saffy was gone - No one had seen her, and as far as anyway knew, she hadnt been back to feed for a week at least..

Five days passed. No Saffy. We literally felt sick with worry. Had we let her down like everyone else. Had she fallen down a well hole (country life!) or been caught in a poacher's snare?.. I could not paint . Not a stroke. My heart was too heavy and I cannot create when sadness strikes..

Day 6, 5am, I am deep asleep .. bright lights hit the bedroom, and there stood my husband, with Saffy in his arms!! Our girl had returned!!

We were so delirious!!

So much so, I decided that my palette for my next painting would be in Saffy's colours. I took the black, I took bronzeybrowns for the streaks of brown in her black coat, I took the whites, for her patches of white, and the golden and limes for her beautiful eyes..

And therein lies... Saffy's Solway. 

Oh and the update, six months on? We had to get Saffy sedated to visit the vet - she is still terrified of the world .. (who knows what evil she suffered).. She had some skin condition which was not healing, so we wanted to get her vet checked...

We manged to get this task completed - but the last laugh was on us

She is a HE!!...

Our transgender cat! :)

Saffy now stays in our home by night, no more cold sheds.. She still loves to wander our paddock and fields by day, but at night, she comes home for cuddles with her family.

Saffy's Solway, its a beauty indeed!

Saffy's Solway

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