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Owen Island on Little Cayman - is truly the dream paradise island. Cayman and her sisters are all paradise island - and Owen Island, is the tiniest little island, just off the coast of Little Cayman. I will never forget my first flight over to Little Cayman back in 2007. I had my then 80 year old mother in tow, doing a surprise visit to see my daughter. We had neither of us experienced the Twin Otter. What an amazing trip! The view from the Otter truly is incredible - It is beyond words. Ever since then, I have visited Cayman and indeed Owen Island numerous times, and now, I feel like I am "going home". The locals on the island all know me, and I am made to feel like family, as soon as I walk off the plane. I get my kayak, and row across with my snorkel, to this little slice of heaven. I think I have done as perfect a job, as can possibly be done, in capturing the beauty that is Owen Island. No camera could photograph this, it is a sheet of glass, and the island itself is sculpted in the centre. It is the view one would see when flying across in the Otter.  This work of art, will bring paradise right there in your own home or business. I dont think I will ever be able to duplicate this piece - It was a challenge indeed - Truly a piece to be cherished.. As with my other pieces, should you want further information on this, let me know and I can create a video for you. It is 800m wide and 600mm high. It really is - Perfect Paradise. 

Owen Island, Little Cayman

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